Lubrink printer ink with added lubricant to help prevent against print head blockages.
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If you have purchased inkjet printers in the past and have had to dispose of or recycle them due to a blocked print head nozzle or nozzles then you will appreciate the need for a product like Lubrink. Once a nozzle is blocked then it can be hard to clear it using the printer software utility or through menus on the printer itself. More drastic measures have to be taken such as using cleaning cartridges to clear the blockage(s).

Lubrink aims to help prevent blocked print heads by adding a small amount of lubricant that continually cleans and lubricates the heads while you perform ordinary printing.


We have listed some questions and answers below which will hopefully provide all of the information you require about this new product...

Is Lubrink a dye or pigment based ink?
Lubrink is Dye based ink.

Why is Lubrink Dye based?
Dye ink is kinder to print head nozzles and does not block as easily as Pigment ink. Being water based it is less harmful to the printer head and nozzles.

Is Lubrink guaranteed not to block the printer head?
No we cannot guarantee that it will prevent a blockage in the future, however we think the small amount of added lubricant could help guard against one happening.

What printer makes and models can Lubrink be used with?
At the moment Brother, Canon, and Epson and HP and Ricoh printers can be refilled with this ink.

Can this ink be injected into ordinary genuine OEM printer cartridges?
Yes it can however some cartridges contain a smart chip that prevents the cartridge from being recognized by the printer and being re-used. It may be necessary to purchase special refillable cartridges with auto reset microchips so that your printer will accept them.  We now sell
Refill Kits with Lubrink.

Will colours print the same as the cartridges and ink I am currently using?
There may be a very slight difference in the colours but not enough to concern the vast majority of users.  Results also depend on the type of paper you are using and the print settings.

Will special colour profiles become available for different printer models?
Due to the amount of models currently on the market it is very difficult to provide ink profiles.

Where can we buy this product from? Is it available in our Country yet?
United Kingdom (Europe)

Can I sell Lubrink in my store?
Yes you can become a reseller of our product. Minimum delivery quantities will apply. Contact for more details. Strictly trade enquiries only!

New word requesting inclusion in the Oxford and Cambridge English Dictionary.
Definition of 'Lubrink'
'Lubrink' Noun: A fluid or viscous substance with added lubricant used for inkjet printing.
'Lubrinked' Verb: To refill a printer or cartridge with Lubrink ink.